25.03.2021 - 27.03.2021
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Березастройматериалы Открытое акционерное общество
225202, ул. Комсомольская 25, г.Береза, Брестская обл., РБ

Telefon: +375164337409, +375164341033

Fax: 375164341034



țară: Bielorusia


Today, the company «Березастройматериалы» (Republic of Belarus), founded in 1967, is a modern enterprise, specialized in the production of ceramic tiles. The mission of the company is to offer to customers a product with a unique design that is distinguished by aesthetic characteristics and high quality. The company is equipped with high-tech Italian SACMI equipment. The products of the company are sold under the brands BELANI and BERYOZA CERAMICA.

Березастройматериалы manufactures:

- glazed ceramic tiles for interior walls plating with the following dimensions: 300x600, 250x500, 200x500, 250x350 and 250x750 mm;

- glazed porcelain stoneware with the dimensions: 418x418, 151x600, 100x600,300x600, 300x300 and 500x500 mm;

- glazed ceramic tiles for floors: 300x300 and 420x420 mm;

- glazed ceramic tiles for swimming pools: 120x245 mm

- clinker tiles for facades: 125x250 and 75x250 mm;

- decorative elements (strips, ornamentations).


The company's products comply with international quality standards: they respect the geometric parameters and the quality of the glaze application. Advanced design solutions are applied, which make it possible to obtain environmentally friendly and reliable products.